The Tradition of the Truffle

The history of the white truffle of San Miniato was born around the houses of Balconevisi and Corazzano, in that area in ancient times the legend of the golden daisy arose. Legend has it that between Doderi, Poggioderi and Montoderi there was an all-gold daisy that was very difficult to find. Probably this margherita was the truffle, a product still destined for the richest tables today. Like this legend, the scent of Gazzarrini truffles comes from far away. Away in time. Already at the beginning of 1900 Eugenio, the progenitor of this family, was marketing the precious local tuber making it known throughout Italy. It is thanks to the intuition and initiative of Eugenio Gazzarrini (born in 1885) that in addition to the fresh white truffle, the one preserved in its natural state, at that time in "tin cans", was introduced on the market. Conservation method awarded in 1924 with a silver medal. Since then, thanks to this tradition, knowing perfectly the local reality and making use of expert researchers, the Gazzarrini company, both with its son Ferruccio and with the new generations, has constantly increased the quality of the product offered, continuing to this day, the marketing of the white truffle of San Miniato. It is tradition as well as the strength of our company to treat truffles, whether they are pieces of considerable size, which are eaten fresh, or other smaller ones, which enrich the taste of butter, cheese, sauces and creams, all products in which the centuries-old experience is combined with the passion and the desire for continuous improvement to satisfy the most demanding and refined palates. These naturally packaged products are available in every season of the year, while fresh white, black or whitebait truffles can only be tasted during harvesting periods. "