Tartufi bianchetti Marzuoli

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The truffle is a tuber from always present in the soils of the San Miniato Hills, Sandy Marly terrain well suited, with a particular vegetation and trees, symbionts in a optimal climate, in a pristine habitat. It is from more than a hundred years that our company trades that white truffles from the scientific name "Tuber Magnatum Pico", repeatedly referred to "food of the gods" piercing and unmistakable smell. From this tradition with passion and professionalism choose and select our truffles, one at a time to ensure a high quality to the consumer. It is the scent, even before vista and feel that reveals the quality of truffles; accepted in the Palm of your hand, cleaned the excess land is almost caressed with great skill, as it were a delicate and precious jewel, capable of transforming a simple dish into a dish from the King. Excellent for the preparation of pasta dishes and sandwiches, meat plate, on carpacci, fried eggs and with various cheeses. Collection period from September to December. Can be stored in refrigerator up to 15 days at 4° c/8° c, wrapped with paper towels and place in a glass jar, hermetically sealed.