Cream cheese and truffles

Jar 50gr

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Category Butter and cheese


Cheese fondue and truffles that are combined together in an enveloping flavour. Parmesan, Fontal, Emmenthal, Italico are the cheeses together with truffles offer excellent food in the kitchen for condiments of canapes, appetizers, aperitifs and snacks. Used in abbianmento with other creams or sauces to enrich risotto, gnocchi, pasta and potato preparations or in sauce. -Keep in the fridge after opening.

Ingredients: 96% melted cheeses (Parmesan, Fontal, Emmenthal, Italico) merged with whey and butter, 4% bianchetti truffle (Tuber albidum Pico). Melting salts: sodium citrate, polyphosphates. Preservative: sorbic acid, aroma.